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2.2.3 Operator Overloading

We can overload the following operators of the language:

We cannot overload the following operators, as these are used to compare instances directly and not their properties.

Overloading operators gives us the ability to more concisely work with more complex objects. To demonstrate the concept of operator overloading we will use the (incomplete) Complex class, which represent complex numbers.

Say we define a stateless Complex as such:

     stateless Complex(def real: Int, def imaginary: Int)     
         def + (other: Complex) => Complex(self real + other real, self imaginary + other imaginary)
         # we can also overload an unary opeator
         # when overloading, the default return value is the type itself, in this case Complex
         def sqrt () =>
            real      <- sqrt (self real ^ 2 + self imaginary ^ 2)
            imaginary <- sqrt (2 * self real * self imaginary)
            Complex(real, imaginary)
         def to_string() => "[self real] + [self imaginary]i"

Now we can use the Complex as follows:

    from complex use Complex

    def a <- Complex(1, 2) # 1 + 2i
    def b <- Complex(2, 3) # 2 + 3i

    # the `+` operator of Complex has been overloaded
    def c <- a + b
    print c # prints 3 + 5i