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2.4 ⛑ Safety

2.4.4 Generics

A type, stateful, or stateless may implement a generic.

To demonstrate generics, we will use an incomplete implementation of a graph.

type Node
    def id: Int
    def to_hash: Int
class MyNode isa Node:
    def id <- floor(random() * 100)
    def to_hash <- id
class OtherNode isa Node:
    def id <- floor(random() * 1000)
    def to_hash <- id

Next we define a class Graph.

    from "node" use Node
    # a generic is usually a type. It may be a class, but this has limited use as we cannot inherit from a class
    class Graph[N: Node]
        def private mut nodes: Set[N] <- {}
        def addNode(node: N) => nodes add node

Now we write the main script.

    from "graph" use Graph
    from "node" use MyNode, OtherNode
    def graph <- Graph[MyNode]
    def other_graph <- Graph[OtherNode]
    graph addNode MyNode()
    other_graph addNode OtherNode()
    graph addNode OtherNode() # type error! Expected MyNode but got OtherNode