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3.2 Keywords

The following is a list of all the keywords in the language.


Keyword Use
use Specify functions when importing util
useall Specify using all functions when importing util
as Specify function name when importing util


Keyword Use
type When constructing an interface or type alias
util Denote a util
class Denote a class
isa Check whether an object is instance of a class

Classes and Utils

Keyword Use
self Refer to definitions of this class
init The constructor of the class
forward Forwarding methods of contained class

Definitions and Functions

Keyword Use
def Denote definition
mut Denote that definition is mutable

Boolean operators

Keyword Use
not Negation of a boolean value
and And operator
or Or operator
is Check whether an instance is another instance
isnt Check whether an instance is not another instance
True True value
False False value

Mathematical Operators

Keyword Use
mod Modulus operator
sqrt Square root operator

Control flow Expressions

Keyword Use
if Denote start of if expression or statement
then Denote start of then branch of if
else Denote start of else branch of if
match Denote start of a match expression or statement

Control Flow Statements

Keyword Use
while Denote start of while statement
foreach Denote start of for statement
in Specify which collection to iterate over in for statement
do Specify what needs to be done in control flow statement


Keyword Use
print Print value of an expression
return Return from a function or method
pass Empty placeholder statement


Keyword Use
handle Denote handle cases
raise Denote that an expression, statement, or function may raise an error
retry Retry an expression from within handle case


Keyword Use
undefined Denote an undefined value