Joël Abrahams

MSc Cyber Security Student at the Delft University of Technology

A list of projects that I have worked on in the past, or which I am currently working on. This list is continually updated.

For a pdf version of my resume you can click here.

I'm in the process of creating a programming language, called Mamba. It is based upon the Python programming lanuage, and does indeed compile down to Python code. However, unlike Python, Mamba has null safety and static type checking (with type inference), as well as some more niche language features such as type refinement. It is still actively under development, and open source, so anyone can contribute. It is developed using the Rust programming langauge, a modern variant of C++ with strict type checking rules and a borrow checker.

SCHAAPI, which stands for Safe CHAnges of APIs, is a tool for early detection of breaking changes of API's. I developed it together with F. Dekker, G. Andreadis, and C. Boone as part of our Computer Science Bachelor Thesis at the Delft University of Technology. It's main function is to mine open source repositories that use a given software library and to generate library function invocation patterns based on common usages of the library.

Human Power Team

Delft and Amsterdam

The Human Power Team Delft & Amsterdam is a student team dedicated to building the fastest human powered vehicle in the world. Participated in the 2017 Human Power Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA. As part of the team I was in charge of the control interface, which included a camera system, user interface for the sport atheletes, and sensory systems and accompanying database. The system has proved reliable, and is still in use today. It consists of a Typescript library which interfaces with the ANT+ protocol, A user-interface written using Python, and a database abstraction layer built using Node-RED.